Sword with Sauce Steam


The life of a ninja is full of dangers and challenges. Every day he has to fight the bad guys and protect those in need. You too can join the ranks of these noble samurais and quench your thirst for blood by playing an amazing fighting simulator called Sword with Sauce Steam! Your hero is a valiant fighter ready to take down those threatening the world’s peace. You are about to accomplish several mortally dangerous missions and there is no one but you who can cope with them. Set out for your first location and kill everyone who dares standing in your way!

To that end, you’ll have quite a large selection of weapons, from basic sword and shield to machine gun. Besides, you’ll be able to use various gadgets that can sometimes tip the scales in your favor even if the situation is rather tough. Make the right choice, combine different instruments to fit your play style and leave your enemies with no chances to win! There are two possible ways of completing the missions. If you prefer to play stealth, you can sneak up to your foes and eliminate them quietly without alerting anyone to your presence. If you like it bloody and loud, use heavy artillery and don’t be shy to splash up the walls. In either case, the most important thing is to take everyone out and clear the location. Let the world again become a safe and beautiful place!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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