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How do you escape from the reality? No matter how good your things are going, you need to rest, anyway, and there are many ways how to do it. Computer games allow you to put on any mask, and wear it as long as you want. If you are tired of being a samurai or professor that solves riddles, you can pick up other role that corresponds to your feelings and worldview. If you like various battles, where you can become a fearless warrior, you can discover the world of a new game, called Sword with Sauce, whitch you can download on the PC. It is still developing, and it means that you can become a pioneer, who riddles all mysteries alone, without any help from other gamers.

You will witness the process of playing from the first person, and you won’t find any specific rules. You have nice weapon and cool gadgets that make your mission quite possible. The game is still in the process of development, and you will never know what features will be added during the next update. Your main hero hasn’t got a face, and all that you see is just a black shadow. No traits that will hint about the appearance of your character. This is good for those, who want to feel real emotions and imagine them in someone else’s boots.

There is a wide choice or weapon and other facilities that will make your enemies disappear the way you like it. You can make blood appear on the walls and floor, or kill enemy quietly, without any sound. Everything depends on you, and you can change weapons as many times, as you need, and find the best solution. Your main task is to survive, and no one limits you in the ways you can achieve this goal. Remember that this strange place is full of enemies, and you can trust nobody. Explore this creepy location with cool katana in your hands, and don’t let anyone stop you.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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