Do you like to test games that are still on the development stage? There are plenty of cheap games that aren’t completed, but they are very appealing, and there are a lot of things to do there. If you like to be a pioneer that is ready to solve various problems, you can discover Sword with Sauce Alpha, where you will face different rivals.

First thing that you should do – choose the weapon that will support you in your crazy mission, and start exciting adventures. Your main task is to survive in difficult conditions, and you have nice armor that will help you during this uneasy process. There are many other facilities that will make your enemies shiver, and they will give you possibility to kill everyone around you the way you like it. If you are fearless and you want to be fast and cruel, you can choose machine guns that will leave many traces on the walls and floor. If you want something quiet and more peaceful, there are many options that will allow you to be unnoticed and safe. You can explore every type of weapon, there are five of it at this moment, and choose the best one that serves your mission best. Of course, sword is perfect for any task that is set to you, like dismembering and just slicing your enemy into small pieces. There are more than twenty gadgets that you may use, and three different game modes.

Do you prefer modes, where enemies are a rare thing, and you can easily slice them one by one? This is very cool for the beginners that are uncertain about their abilities, and want to gain necessary experience. If you are sure that you are capable of anything, then you can chose a new mode that allows you to fight with a huge number of rivals that long to kill you every second. They won’t waste their time, and use every opportunity to smash you, that is why you have to be careful and slice them without pity.

Whatever weapon you choose, be ready to use it as soon, as possible. In this game everything depends on your ability to act quickly and without hesitating, so use your sword to show the real master of the arena. Explore given locations, and try to find the hidden secrets that are left by the developers. Sword with Sauce is still developing, and you can contribute to this process by leaving the feedback and helping to improve certain moments. It’s much better than to play in something that everyone already knows, and you can’t change there a thing, isn’t it?


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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