Sword With Sauce 2


What’s the life of a real ninja can be like? Always on the move, always ready to take any challenges and face any dangers, without fear and doubt, these people arrive unannounced and turn the place upside down. Quiet as shadows, fast as snakes and firm as the blades they are carrying, ninjas won’t stop until their mission is fulfilled. If you think you can cope with a task like that, welcome to the world of Sword With Sauce 2 new part! This incredible fighting simulator will send you on a series of mortal missions that only you can accomplish. Choose your weapon and make your enemies run for their life at your sight!

There is a wide arsenal to select from. If you prefer a silent style, you character will benefit from a sword that can be used in close combat, thrown at your opponents or put up to stop bullets. A shield will also come in handy for fighting off enemy attacks. And if you prefer to enter a location with a bang, there is a nice machine gun at your disposal. The choice of weaponry will affect your play style. Using a good old sword requires you to move as quietly as possible, staying out of the enemies’ radar and killing them as they turn their backs on you, unsuspected about the approaching danger. Of course, if you prefer shooting your foes from the machine gun, you will most likely make a lot of noise. Whatever style you pick, the gameplay will amaze you! Take the challenge and try to complete all missions available!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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