Do you like to play computer games? This is a wonderful way to escape the reality, and relax after a hard day in school or office. There are many activities that you may do during plating the PC gameplay: riddle puzzles, kill enemies, explore different places, feed animals and do many other interesting things. If you like shooters, you may try new application that is called Sword with Sauce. Here you will be able to kill thousands of enemies the way you like, and there are no rules that can forbid you this.

There is a wide choice of weapons and other gadgets that will make all your enemies shiver. You may choose different tactics, and this will affect the specifics of the game play. For instance, you can be cruel and use your katana to kill your enemies painfully and cause big loss of blood. If you like spies, you may sneak into various rooms and kill everyone silently, without any traces. New ninja mode allows you to fulfill your dreams, and you can be unnoticed until your enemy discovers that he dies.

You won’t see a face of your character, all that you will notice – is just a black figure that lets you totally imagine yourself on this place. You may be a professional assassin, but you should train a lot to become one. If you choose an endless mode, then you will be attacked by a huge mass of unknown enemies that will do all their best to vanquish you. To ruin their plans you may use great variety of weapons, and other things that you can use during a terrible fight. If you use this mode, you should be experienced in other types of fights, because a novice here can survive only a couple of minutes. There are more friendly modes, where you can train you skills, and then choose something more complicated. Invite your friends, and test this new game together, and wait for new updates with interesting features that will please you.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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