Sword With Sauce cheats


Those in love with shooters will definitely appreciate this amazing game! Choose your weapon and play style and set off on a wild mission, ready to kills everyone who stands in your way. You will encounter hordes of enemies, but there is a wide assortment of weaponry and gadgets available to take down your targets in all possible ways. If you prefer to go loud, you can enter the level firing your guns and splashing blood over the walls or select subtler tactics and sneak past the enemies’ backs remaining in the shadow until the task at hand is complete. For now, there are five basic weapons to choose from. You can pick a sword to massacre your foes, throw the blade for a quick and fatal outcome and even deflect bullets. A shield will come in handy too, since it allows you to reflect bullets back at your opponents and can be thrown simultaneously at several enemies. Long-range attacks can be performed with the help of a bow that has an endless supply of ammo. Finally, you can wield a machine gun which is the loudest yet very often the most effective solution. Other options include ninja stars, grenades and even black holes of the size of your pocket. Three action-packed levels and two game modes won’t leave you indifferent!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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